In this article I am going to share the method to safely install Ubuntu OS in the solid-state drive of your computer.Lately, I too have been through a hustle to install Ubuntu safely in my newly purchased M.2 NVME SSD (250 GB) while having Windows 10 in my 1TB hard…

If this is the problem you have been facing quite sometime and not been able to find a solution , then you have reached the correct place to solve it in a safe and quite an easy manner.

Why do you still find Linux (earlier dual booted with Windows) in…

The future belongs to those who learn new skills and combine them in creative ways.”

-Robert Greene

In this time of pandemic when things have become both mentally and physically traumatic for us ,I feel we should let our skills become our distraction and our haven, so I came up…

Ipsita Mazumder

I write technical blogs to make life easier for other techies .

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