Installing Ubuntu in a solid-state drive(SSD) and fixing “No WiFi adapter found” error.

  1. First of all make sure you insert your SSD properly in your computers(the motherboard) provided slot. In-case you have Windows preinstalled in your another drive(if you have one), check in the Disk management/Task manager if your SSD is detected.This will ensure you that your SSD is fitted and detected properly by your system.
You must see a welcome screen like this after Ubuntu finishes checking disks. Click on install Ubuntu.
When you come across this window make sure to select the second option i.e Install third-party software… under “other options”.
Next step is to select the “Something else” option.
You need to identify and select the SSD in the “Device for boot loader installations” at the bottom.
The last partition you will need is for a Ext 4 journaling file system.
Note: Here I didn't create a partition for a swap area and also I had allocated 20GBs for EFI, but you must follow the allocation size and type I have written down in previous steps.

Now, If after installation you cannot connect to the WiFi and it shows that “No WiFi adapter found” then you can try the following two methods to solve the problem.

  1. Use USB teetering to access the internet in your Ubuntu System and download Synaptic Package Manager.Open the software and type search (top right corner)for the WiFi driver of your computer (In my case it was iwlwifi). Apply a tick on your WiFi driver and right click to see if its upgraded , if not then select Mark for Upgrade option.Restart your computer to bring the changes into effect.This method might fix the error.If this doesn’t then the next step definitely must.
  2. This method fixed the problem for me.When we boot up our computer it doesn't allow unsigned drivers and in Ubuntu 20.04 a lot of WiFi drivers are not signed yet .This is what likely causes the problem. First open the Terminal and type the following command-




I write technical blogs to make life easier for other techies .

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Ipsita Mazumder

Ipsita Mazumder

I write technical blogs to make life easier for other techies .

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